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Parachutes & Accessories

Our selection of drag racing parachutes includes the perfect options for every vehicle and race speed. These car parachutes, pilot chute springs, and accessories ensure reliable, quick, and even deployment for controlled deceleration. Explore the drag racing parachute kits, mounts, cables, and accessories necessary to provide the stopping power you need at the drag strip, from top auto racing brands, including Impact and Simpson, available at Behrent's Performance Warehouse.
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At what speeds do race cars need to be equipped with parachutes?
As per NHRA and IHRA drag race requirements, any car that exceeds 150mph in a quarter-mile must have a parachute—and two are required for cars that exceed 200mph.

When should a car parachute be packed?
The parachute should be packed at the racetrack but should be stored and transported unpacked to prevent deterioration or moisture build-up.

Where should a parachute pack be mounted?
Parachute packs must be angled at 45 degrees, behind the spoiler, to ensure it deploys properly. For a dual mount, the parachutes can be mounted parallel or angled by about 15 degrees for easier packing.