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Race Car Body & Chassis Parts

Explore the racing chassis and body parts at Behrent’s Performance Warehouse and get the products you need to keep your race car in top shape. Racing brackets, mounts, clips, rods, and chassis brace kits complete your race car body assembly to get you on track and keep you going through every turn and up the straightaway. These race-ready car body parts are made for performance, constructed in strong, durable materials that stand up to the high speeds and fluctuating temperatures on the track. Behrent’s carries body and chassis parts and products from top names in the business including Bicknell, AFCO, BSC, QA1, and Panelfast so you know you’re putting the best quality auto parts into your race car. Find body parts and chassis to ramp up your dirt, modified, sprint, midget, or late model race car when you shop the selection at Behrent’s.
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What are the parts of a racing chassis?
The main components of a race car chassis include the load-bearing part of the frame, suspension system, axles, and wheels. Behrent's carries an assortment of racing parts to support the chassis including clips, brackets, tie rods, mounts, and axles.

What is included in a race car body kit?
A body kit for a race car typically includes spoilers, rear bumper, panels, roof scoops, and skirting. Adding a body kit to a race car can improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency; the pieces of a body kit work together to provide more downforce, cooling, and airflow direction so the car can reach peak performance at high speeds.

What is a rod end in a race car?
A rod end is a mechanical joint used to connect the ends of a control rod, steering link, or tie rod in a race car. The rod end has a ball bearing type swivel with an opening for a bolt or stud, and a threaded end that fits into a threaded control rod. Rod end threads can be male or female. Though small in size, a rod end is a crucial component of a race car; they should be maintained and replaced regularly.