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Racing Books & Videos

Find racing books, videos, software, and guides you need to be a winner on and off the track when you shop the selection at Behrent’s Performance Warehouse. Explore auto repair manuals, race car wiring diagrams, engine rebuild books, restoration guides, and racing videos that show you exactly how the job is done from start to finish. Learn insider tricks to boost race car performance, find actionable tips for repairing auto body damage, or discover how to finally restore the classic that’s been sitting in your garage collecting dust. Our racing books and manuals will walk you through complete body restorations, front-to-back engine rebuilds, moderate to major auto repairs, and modifications that get your car into top shape to race or show. Our racing books, videos, and software make great trackside manuals, pit repair references, or home garage guides. Keep developing your skills and continue your racing education with the books, videos, and teaching tools available at Behrent’s.
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