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Racing Cooling Systems & Components

Reduce your odds of overheating on the race track with a racing cooling system and components from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. We carry cooling systems that keep your race car running at the ideal temperature so you can keep up with the action when the heat is on. Find racing radiators, radiator mounts, breather tanks, water pumps, hoses, fans, and cooling components that help you control the environment in your race car engine from start to finish. These cooling system components—from breathers to water pumps—are built by the top names in racing, including Moroso, Bicknell, and Allstar, so you know you can depend on them to support your car through the hottest day on the track. Explore Behrent's and find durable cooling systems and components to lower the heat in your race car engine through any conditions.
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Can a fan keep a race car engine cool?
Yes. Adding a fan, or replacing a damaged one, can improve airflow through the radiator to help keep your race car engine cool.

What is the best material for a racing radiator?
Aluminum. An aluminum racing radiator dumps heat better than any other material. Aluminum racing radiators are efficient, lightweight, and can outlast other types of metal.

What does a breather tank do?
The purpose of a breather tank is to vent excess pressure from the crankcase. Unless vented, trapped air can disrupt the flow of coolant and lead to overheating.