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Racing Engines & Engine Parts

Find racing engines and parts to bolster your race car and get the max out of every lap when you shop the selection at Explore Behrent’s Performance Warehouse. We carry racing engines and engine parts from the top brands in the business, including Allstar Performance, Federal-Mogul, Moroso, and Lunati so you know you’re getting quality in every component. Fire up your engine and be ready to go in a flash with an assortment of timing parts from belts to pointers. Keep your engine steady and smooth with racing brackets and mounts for the front or rear. Find bearings, belts, gears, and all of the little racing engine parts that complete the big picture to turn your car a race day contender. Whether you’re building a racing engine from scratch or rebuilding one that’s taken a beating, Behrent’s has everything you need to make an impact on race day.
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What's the difference between big block and small block racing engines?

  • A big block racing engine is larger, with bigger valves, ports, and bores. A big block engine is heavier and puts out more power than a small block. The added weight can hinder acceleration.
  • A small block racing engine is simply a smaller version of a big block; the small block engine is less powerful, but lighter, which can provide a boost in acceleration.

What are the parts in a race car engine timing system?
The main parts of a race car engine timing system include the crankshaft, camshaft, distributor, timing belt, pushrods, spark plugs, intake and exhaust valves, pistons, and rockers. Behrent's carries all of the engine parts you need to keep your timing system lighting quick.

How do you know if you need new piston rings in your racing engine?
Common signs that you need new piston rings include burning through your oil faster than usual, sluggish or weak acceleration, oil leaks, and excessive smoke. Though piston ring replacement is a time-consuming task, it's worth the effort to have a race car that runs in top condition on the track.