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Racing Harnesses & Seat Belts

Put driver safety first with our top-notch auto racing harnesses, restraints, and lap or shoulder belts from top brands like Simpson, Impact, RaceQuip, and G-FORCE. We know how crucial it is to stay safe on the track, so we carry a variety of 5- and 6-point auto racing harnesses, chest protectors, arm and leg restraints, seatbelts, and padding for optimal safety. Find the style, width, length, and function you need in an auto racing harness: our selection includes Latch & Link or Cam Lock latch styles, bolt-in or wrap-around attachment methods, and pull-up or pull-down adjustment options. Find the safety restraints you need to make your auto racing seatbelt system as safe as possible.
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How long do auto racing seat belts and harnesses last?
SFI-rated auto racing seat belts and restraints are certified for two years from manufacture, and should be replaced or recertified after this time: The webbing breaks down with use and prolonged UV exposure. FIA seatbelts are certified for five years from the date of manufacture.