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Racing Seats & Car Seat Accessories

Find racing seats engineered for any application, from sprint to pro street drag cars, at Behrent’s Performance Warehouse. Shop containment seats and racing seat accessories for low horsepower and smaller tracks, as well as options contoured for security through deep turns and rough tracks. Seamlessly molded, durable high- or low-back seats are designed to withstand impact—and they're compatible with most safety harnesses and equipment. The aluminum seat frames in our collection are lightweight, but sturdy enough to protect a driver in the event of a collision. Racing seat padding and lumbar support provides comfort that’s imperative on long race days. We also carry racing seat accessories, mounts, leg restraints, foam kits, and everything you need to bolster your interior setup. Explore our collection of racing seats and find the style you need to boost comfort and support behind the wheel of your race car.
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When is a racing seat needed?
A racing seat paired with adequate restraint systems ensures the driver remains in place and protects the driver in a collision, which is why track rules require specific standards for racing seat design, height, and certifications. Additionally, a racing seat improves driver control for better safety and shorter lap times.

How do you choose a race seat size?
Your racing seat should fit both the car and the driver. Measure the width of the vehicle and narrow down your options by choosing a seat that has the appropriate dimensions and is also appropriately sized for the driver.

While most standard racing seats are designed to fit multiple sizes and body styles, you can ensure an accurate fit by measuring the width of the hips, the width of the chest (below the armpits), chest depth, and shoulder height and width. Compare these measurements with the manufacturer's seat dimensions chart.