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Racing Shocks & Springs

Tune your racing suspension system for top performance with the shocks, struts, and springs available at Behrent's. Boost acceleration and improve stability, responsiveness, traction, and braking performance with an upgraded racing suspension. Explore options from Eibach Springs, Bicknell, Fox Racing, AFCO, and other top names in the racing industry. Earn better performance while riding through hard turns and at high speeds with springs, struts, and shock absorbers made for your preferred track.
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What does a racing suspension do?
A race car's stiff suspension is engineered to improve vehicle performance, especially related to speed, efficiency, and vehicle responsiveness.

What is a coilover system?
A coilover—or coilover shock absorber—is a single-piece spring and shock absorber often preferred for racing suspension systems. Coilovers improve performance by lowering ride height, increasing traction, and dampening impact for better control on the track.