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Racing Wheels

Racing wheels and parts designed for incredible race car performance let you bring confidence to the track every week. We carry racing wheels from Weld and other top names in the industry that are engineered to handle the tough conditions at any track, including drag, oval, and strip. We also offer mud plugs, wheel spacers, beadlock kits, hubs, and other essential race car wheel parts and accessories for better performance. Dirt Defender vented and non-vented wheel covers come in a range of colors and styles that fit the most common wheel brands and add flash to your race car. Behrent's Performance Warehouse has the wheel sizes and construction you need and the race accessories you want, from brands like Weld Racing, and Moroso
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What are the benefits of vented wheel covers?
Vented wheel covers are designed for improved airflow, allowing the wheels to cool for better performance.

Will racing bigger wheels increase speed?
Sizing up or mounting bigger racing wheels will not increase speed: When choosing racing wheels, the appropriate tire size is an important factor—the wrong size can affect speedometer readings and performance.