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Tire Traction Treatments

Give your tires a bit of bite with the traction treatments and cleaners at Behrent's Performance Warehouse. Prep your tires—without making them greasy—and gain a little grip so they fire off faster to improve your restarts on the racetrack. We offer tire cleaners, conditioners, and undetectable traction treatments from top racing brands like Allstar and Pro-Blend Motorsports. Slash your lap times on dirt or pavement tracks with help from the tire treatments at Behrent's.
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What does a conditioner do for race car tires?
Tire conditioner moisturizes and softens race car tires to increase traction without making them greasy. Use tire conditioner works on either new or old tires on the inside or outside.

What makes some tire treatments undetectable?
An undetectable tire treatment is formulated to go deep into the tire without making the rubber look soft and gummy. Once a car hits the track, the treatment heats up and rises to the tire surface to provide grip during the race. As the tires cool, the treatment firms up and sinks back down again.